Fanorona for Android

By John Stracke.

Fanorona is a traditional game from Madagascar, played on a 9x5 board:

As you can see, it's not just a rectangular grid like chess; the spaces are connected by lines. Pieces may move only along the lines. Notice that not all spaces which seem to be adjacent diagonally are actually connected. This turns out to be important for strategy: a piece can, in essence, hide from another piece, yet stay nearby.

More details are in the online help. You may also be interested in the Fanorona entries at Wikipedia and BoardGameGeek.

Privacy Policy

Fanorona has a leaderboard, which collects statistics on gameplay. These statistics are keyed by a randomly generated identifier, which is unique to Fanorona; it is not tied to your device or your real identity. By default, the name used for you on the leaderboard is "Anonymous" (or the equivalent in the language in which you're running Fanorona); you can supply a different name if you choose. You are encouraged to use a pseudonym; I have no wish to know your real name.

The leaderboard runs on Google App Engine, and I have been unable to figure out how to keep App Engine from logging IP addresses and browser identifiers. However, at this time, it is configured to discard all log information after one day. (I can't promise to keep that configuration, because Google might remove that feature.) I promise not to share your information with a third party (except for Google App Engine, or another Web hosting service I may choose in the future), unless I am required to do so by legal authority.

Like every other Web service, I cannot swear that the leaderboard is perfectly secure. I also cannot promise to contact you if I discover a data breach, because I do not have your contact information. On the other hand, the cost of a data breach would be very low, because I do not have your contact information, or much of anything else.

Where to get it

Fanorona is available on Google Play, for free.