Fanorona for Android

By John Stracke.

Fanorona is a traditional game from Madagascar, played on a 9x5 board:

As you can see, it's not just a rectangular grid like chess; the spaces are connected by lines. Pieces may move only along the lines. Notice that not all spaces which seem to be adjacent diagonally are actually connected. This turns out to be important for strategy: a piece can, in essence, hide from another piece, yet stay nearby.

More details are in the online help. You may also be interested in the Fanorona entries at Wikipedia and BoardGameGeek.

Privacy Policy

Fanorona does not collect your information. There used to be a leaderboard, but it was disabled on 12 May 2018, in preparation for GDPR.

Where to get it

Fanorona is available on Google Play, for free.